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Douglas L. Obletz. Mr. Obletz earned a degree in Economics and Political Science from The Colorado College. Between 1977 and 1979, Mr. Obletz worked as a city planner/economist for the City of Portland Office of Planning and Development with responsibility for policy analysis and economic development planning. Between 1979 and 1982, Mr. Obletz held the position of Project Manager at the Portland Development Commission, the urban renewal agency of the City of Portland. Among other key downtown projects, Mr. Obletz held lead responsibility for the development of the 3-block, $150 million Morrison Street mixed-use project now known as Pioneer Place. Mr. Obletz joined Mr. Shiels to form the firm of Shiels & Obletz in 1983, and together they launched into the management of the Banfield Light Rail project, Portland's first MAX line. Most recently, Mr. Obletz has been a pioneer in the development of unique, mixed-use projects, including the Madison Office Condominiums, Belmont Dairy, Belmont Dairy Rowhouses, Museum Place and the Hollywood Library/ Bookmark Apartments.
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